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Michael Lebeda
Technology Investor


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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programmes raise leadership and ensures leaders achieve their full potential to develop and lead the business to better outcomes.

Business Re-invention

To thrive in a different and changed world, organisations must re-imagine what they could be, re-invent what they do and the value they create.

Advisory Boards

Adding practical experience, skills and knowledge to the business, while adding an independent dimension of oversight and accountability.

what people are saying about us

Craig is a unique talent and has an uncanny combination of left and right brain business skills.

The ability to see the big picture and also understand the critical micro elements in a business. Intellectual prowess and academic rigour combined with down-to-earth coal-face pragmatism.

An intuitive, creative marketer with a head for numbers. A business strategist and futurist who knows how to inspire change in the present.


Steve Ballantyne

Story IQ

what people are saying about us

The best I have experienced Craig’s intuitive business acumen. He helped a start-up business I have been involved in.

I can highly recommended his expertise.


Warren Turley

Company Director at Alfresco Spaces Pty Ltd

what people are saying about us

Craig is brilliant. His strategy sessions are direct and to the point. Objectives are clearly defined, and goals are realistically laid out, and achievable.

He has worked with us to help define who we are as a business, and in less than a year has helped double our income while laying the path to further success.

Craig’s passion is evident, and business acumen undeniable.


Dr David Ballantyne

what people are saying about us

Craig understands the need to create a culture where every individual thrives and understands how their contribution will make a difference and importantly feel able to achieve their goals. He achieved this at Canon by focusing on leadership capability, recognising that diverse, focused and calm leaders who provide absolute clarity on the strategy will ultimately shape the culture and environment to allow people to succeed.

At Canon this involved a great deal of change as the business model evolved from a somewhat traditional model to a more complex services environment to address the rapid pace of technology change and economic pressures. Leading through this change required absolute clarity regarding the strategy, clear articulation of the need for change and consistent feedback about progress. He recognized the need for difficult decisions and helped his leaders shape and own those decisions so that everyone quickly overcame their resistance to change and aligned behind the end objective.


Ian Flemington

HR Director (ANZ) Kimberley Clark

what people are saying about us

Developing strength in leadership and fostering the right culture to achieve significant change would feel sterile and thankless without a sense of fun and Craig brings this in spades and encourages his leaders to do the same.

I have witnessed first-hand Craig’s ability to coach those around him achieve success in the areas necessary to become a leader of substance and would highly recommend anyone wanting to challenge their own perceptions of leadership norms to spend time with Craig


Ian Flemington

HR Director (ANZ) Kimberley Clark

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