Craig is brilliant. His strategy sessions are direct and to the point. Objectives are clearly defined, and goals are realistically laid out, and achievable.
Craig’s passion is evident, and business acumen undeniable.

Dr David Ballantyne

our story

We started Manson&Co because we are passionate about people and businesses unleashing their potential and creating positive shifts in performance to build better business. We help make shifts happen by building the connection between strategy, customer outcomes, culture and leadership.

Because it is all about the customer.

Our clients have proven that monumental shifts in performance happen when leaders deliver strategy that creates greater customer value and drives innovation and change from deep customer insights. That is delivered by engaged, empowered, courageous, emotionally aware teams who are supported by leaders that create a climate for change-fit culture and a platform for their people to shine.

Our programmes are built on a series of best practice frameworks and tools. Frameworks and tools built from over 20 years experience transforming and elevating business performance ourselves, in businesses we have run. Proven real world experience that is fit for the future and the new ways of solving business problems.

our vision

We believe that good business and good people do good for the world, for society. We are committed to this; our purpose is to contribute to society by helping others realise their human potential.

We are unashamedly experts in commercial strategy, that when delivered through this connection of people, customer, leadership, not only produces better business outcomes, it delivers much more than profits, it delivers on its social contract and improves lives and goes a way to answering the needs of our current movement. To all stakeholders, owners, shareholders, team, customer, society.

And we want to do this in a different and better way.

We seek to lean in, to run towards problems with you, and we do this knowing that with a positive, growth mindset any problem is solvable.

Craig Manson

Craig is passionate about helping companies and people realise their potential and seeing them elevate their performance. He is driven by the idea that good people and good business do good for society and that all people and companies contribute to their social contract when empowered to do so.

Craig has over 20 years Executive experience at Managing Director/Executive Director/GM level with particular background in the technology, consumer electronics, healthcare, Financial Services and FMCG industries and is an experienced Non-Executive Director with over 10 years board experience across the private sector.

Craig is a successful and innovative MD and CEO, having completed several business transformations, multiple M&A activities and worked alongside several start-ups.

During his career Craig has, been key member on the global strategic team for an organisation with revenues over $30bn, successfully lead teams of over 1000 people, lead the turnaround of a business that was losing $32m annually to sustainable profit, lead organisations through sustained periods of growth, mentored start-ups, coached entrepreneurs, implemented major business transformations that fundamentally change business outcomes.

Craig is an expert in building commercial strategy, creating unique customer value, developing leadership and culture and driving extraordinary business performance.

In addition to leading Manson & Co is on multiple Boards and has investments in technology companies. Craig works with start-ups that have a social or environmental problem they are solving and acts as a mentor to the local incubator community.

Craig is a renowned keynote speaker, delivering key notes since 1999 and has presented in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Germany, United Kingdom, South Africa.

When not hunting for better ways to his clients elevate their business performance, you will find Craig close to Sunshine beach, either in the surf, or on a yoga mat, or imbibing in the local food scene.