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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.

Charles Darwin

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching programmes raise leadership and ensures leaders achieve their full potential to develop and lead the business to better outcomes. Leaders have a responsibility to build a culture that empowers their team to deliver game changing customer-driven strategy.

Manson & Co have developed an unique approach and framework that is proven to create positive change. Programmes typically run for twelve months and are all programmes are customised to the individual, the situation and the desired outcomes.

We passionately believe that our experience running companies and being in the executive suite, creating innovation and transformational shifts, driving culture and leading in the new ways business operates enables us to guide as well as coach.

We have proven that this approach is far more effective and sustainable than simple coaching.

Business Re-invention

To thrive in a different and changed world, organisations must re-imagine what they could be, re-invent what they do and the value they create.  In a brave new world, how value is created is different and businesses need to re-invent their operating model and their business model to maximise value creation to all their stakeholders. To lead and create shifts.

This requires new ways of creating strategy, new ways to operate, new ways to co-operate. It means strategy, leadership and culture must shift, together.

We have built a set of strategic frameworks, process steps and leadership tools that are adapted to serve these shifts and to ensure development and delivery of a better future, and a shift in performance.

Advisory Boards

Adding practical experience, skills and knowledge to the business, while adding an independent dimension of oversight and accountability. Enhance the organisation’s reputation and credibility in the marketplace while increasing customer and investor confidence.

We help companies’ set-up and structure their Advisory Board. We sit on Advisory Boards as independent members/Chair who bring new skills, experience and thinking to companies.

A key advantage of an Advisory Board is that companies gain the benefits of an Advisory Board’s inputs without the complications and risks of the Advisory Board members becoming members of the main board.

In our experience an Advisory Board fills the strengths of the team while at the same time opens up new networks and connections and prepares business owners for future ownership, growth and governance events.

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