Take care of you. As leaders, as partners, as family members, we cannot give to others if we are empty physically, mentally or emotionally.

Leadership of your business, of your team, of your customers, and of yourself means unleashing the highest potentials across the board – human potential, resource potential, possibility potential, your potential. To deliver the best outcomes to our customers and take them on the ride of their lives we have to put in the necessary energy. As a leader we must be able to put our best foot forward always, every day.

The demands on us mean that we constantly give to others, and if we are not careful this can drain us. Each time we give a bit of ourselves we pour a bit from our cup, sharing with others – but we cannot pour from an empty cup.

Fill your own cup.

To be an effective leader, we have to give our best. Because you cannot pour from an empty cup, we have to fill our own cup first.

A leader needs to make sure their cup is full of good health, energy, passion, openness, diverse thinking, a growth mindset and the strong sense that anything is possible.

We control what goes in our cup.

The quality of our thoughts, beliefs, actions, are all up to us. We can refill our own cup so that we can give more to others.

We have to let go of the “invincible leader” image. We are not superheroes (as much as we may want to be), we are all human. Being human is what allows us to relate to one another. Set the example by taking care of ourselves, by showing our team how to maintain balance in work and life. Our positive attitude as leaders will flow on through the team.

Yes, it’s true that an overflowing cup is waste, and you see a few of those around, but they are the exception, they are the waste of time. It is the majority of diligent, determined, passionate driven leaders that often don’t take the time to refill.

Get your priorities straight.

Leaders often put themselves last on their priority list. Consistently putting yourself last will deplete your energy reserves and you will be of no use to your team or your customers. If we don’t refill our own cup, we cannot help others to unleash their potential, take our customers on an unforgettable journey or achieve our own visions of success. We need to shift this thinking to putting ourselves first or we will be useless to everyone.

There’s no right or wrong way – the only wrong way is ignoring the need to refill.

How we refill our cup is different for each individual. There is no right or wrong way to refill and replenish. For some of us it might mean relaxing in a quiet space, reading something for enjoyment, or enjoying a fantastic meal. For others it might mean getting out and being active through sports or competitions.

The important thing is that it is regular part of our routine. Whatever it is that makes us feel that our energy is replenished and makes us feel like ourselves is what we need to make time for. By paying attention to our cues that we need to rest, nourish, or just change the scenery for a while, we can keep our cup from getting too low.

Take care of you.

Take care of yourself so that you can take care of those around you. You will be able to more effectively help others to unleash their potential if you take care of yourself first so you have a clear mind and positive energy.

What can you do to refill your cup? How can you make it a priority in your life and in your workplace? Not just for you, but for your team?

At Manson & Co, we want your cup to be full and your team to flourish. Contact Craig today to get started.